Flo Atelier was founded in 1994 by Milena Dimitrova (MD) to create unique clothing. We specialise in handmade creations selected from fine materials. We combine a special eye for detail in the construction of our products with the latest trends and technologies in the textile industry.


To meet the high expectations of our loyal customers we create a wide range of clothing – everyday wear, evening wear and business wear, from formal to informal. We also work for fashion shows, events, advertisements, and for the film industry.


We develop collections for buyers that show that far from being a simple process, our production requires the utmost consistency and care, done with enthusiasm and confidence born of experience. We always work to the highest possible standard because we believe we are creating items for long term investment.


This is our core philosophy, and time and experience shows that it works. We offer the latest fashion at accessible prices. Our large and talented team will realise your desires with pleasure!


Welcome to FloAtelier!