When you are walking in the morning to work, or when you’re in your journey, how lovely and beautiful would be to see some fresh colored outfits. In this rubric I won’t talk only for fashion and styling. I want to talk for the happiness and good vibes you can share to the people around you only with clothes.
Imagine how you walk in the same way every day and you think how boring is your life, or you’re pissed off of the angry man from the pavilion… well you can change that and put a smile to this men only with monochromatic outfit, just color block your closet, grab and go . There’s something sophisticated about this style. You won’t be wrong. If you don’t believe me, just try and you’ll see.
Of course you need to be very careful with matching the same colors. There’s a risk to make thing go wrong with different gamma of the same color. Sometimes that’s not a good idea.
Most important is to be brave and show to the world there’s a way to make not only your journey happier.

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