Expressing your emotions and soul with a style or just prefer to be trendy?
Why people like it more to be one of them all just to feel comfortable? The fear to be brave and to show your real face it's absolutely ridiculous. What means to be brave?
To be brave means not to change your needs, passions, feelings, ideas, desires or life style because of someone else's. When you want to say something, just say it loud. When you're in those periods in life and you have to make a big decision, but you're scared ... JUST DO IT. You can't know what better it's coming in your life, but you should be sure it's on the way.
 Take that responsibility and show to everyone you believe in yourself and you don't need anyone attention or approval. Maybe you like purple, green or yellow? Color your hair in blue if you want, put black dress and go on the street. Yes, everyone will watching! So what? Put big jacket or small shirt, be classy or be G!
Express yourself with a style ... YOUR STYLE!

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